Liverpool play Norwich today. I hope Liverpool win. Much, much more, whatever the result, I hope we don't boo our players, our manager or, for those who believe it to be that vague, our club.

Liverpool will be going to Wembley thrice in 2012. Kenny Dalglish, the supposed failure in the mainstream press for admittedly poor league form, is one game away from a two trophy season, but still it seems Anfield attendees are buying into the opinions and agendas of the newspapers - a collective we have always been at odds with. It's a worrying development.

Speaking of "failures", for two games running Andy Carroll delivered victory with a late header, the most recent over Merseyside rivals Everton in the FA Cup semi-final played at Wembley. That particular win was inordinately welcome, firstly because it is always enjoyable to reach a cup final - The Cup Final - and secondly because we got one over the bitter Toffees, again, though both of these reasons pale into insignificance compared with the third reason: we have the opportunity to beat Chelsea - now quite possibly to instigate a role reversing parallel of our fortunes in 2005 when a loss in a domestic final preceded our Champions League triumph.

It's rare that a pursuit of FA Cup glory is so augmented by accompanying desire for the opponent to feel absolute dejection in defeat, but the booing of the moment's silence - and other reprehensible activity - prior to the second semi-final (rightly being played on the 15th rather than Liverpool's game) will have that effect.

To their credit, many Chelsea fans admonished those insulting the memories of the 96 who died as a result of the Hillsborough Disaster, and violence reportedly ensued. For the guilty we know defeat to Liverpool will be the bitterest of pills to swallow, even if a spoonful of sugar arrives in Munich.

And for us? More proof that this season, and our manager, have been successes which could only be sweeter if Alan Davies turned out in a Chelsea shirt next Saturday.

Just don't mention the league.

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