Below, you'll find the fixtures for Matchday 2 of The League of Blogacta 2020. The matches will be broadcast tomorrow night (6/7/2020) at 21:00BST on our Facebook Page, with chat on the kits and content you can find from selected members.

There remains no deadline for entry to the League of Blogacta proper - mid-season entries are fine as we use a ladder system with mid-table joining, For those already involved that want to change their kit, it's the same process. Just (re)upload to the gallery.

You can find the draw for Matchday 2 here, and we hope to see you for the matches!


LoB Matchday 2 Llandudno Hope FILWAG DF

LoB Matchday 2 Aslant Lush RSL LOI

LoB Matchday 2 Silky IRS Dashed Metod

LoB Matchday 2 Echose Squad Marceltipool DAK

LoB Matchday 2 MoJ Pascal ElWrite KB

Here are the full fixtures:

Llandudno Jet Set v hopekitdesign v
Aslant on Bent Seas v Lush Green Pixels
Red Star Liverpool v Morganobrienart / LOIrelandArt
Silky Smooth v
Dashed Lines v Metod Sports
Echoes Of Glory v v DAKblog / Dak FC v Pascal Hugo
ElWriteBack v Kitbliss

You can keep track of fixtures and standings here.

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